A Little Bit About Me

I double life as an artist, art teacher, husband, and parent……I sleep every other Friday.

I have been teaching and making art for over 20 years. I was born and bread on Acrylics and watercolors, as well as drawing with graphite pencils. I took a real interest in drawing and painting when I was 13. I completed an art project for my 7th grade art teacher, a scratch art of a panda. She seemed pretty impressed by it, because she asked me to draw and paint a large canvas showing pandas from a field trip we went on. This is what I consider my first real painting, which my art teacher really help direct how to use the paint to get the best results. (I just learned this is still surviving and hanging in my cousin’s house).

I stayed pretty creative through my high school years, juggling playing a saxophone for band, managed to draw and paint when I could, and write. I spend as much time as I could on these things, not really focusing on one particular skill, just enjoying them all. When I graduated high school, I traded the saxophone in for a set of paint brushes, and spend my college years learning about art making and how to teach it. I followed a duel major of in fine art and art education. And managed to try to find myself in the world. My career as an art teacher and life as an artist started.

I have always been creative, and often times labeled myself as a self proclaimed surrealist. Around 2006, I began to realize that I need a Master’s Degree for my teaching job, so wanting to improve my skill as a painter, I switched form acrylics to oils, and spend a few years studying representational painting and drawing. When looking at some of my older works, I felt the realism was lacking in them. I spent many days, teaching classes and rambling through my sketchbooks and creating drawings and paintings. Over the past couple of decades, honing my craft, as I believe that the better an artist I am, the better a teacher.

I have had that belief challenged by life and situations along the way, but through high and low, I have tried to maintain this duel life, which makes for some very busy days.

Now, I work out of my home studio working on making a successful art business. I am a proud father to an 18 year old son and a 15 year old daughter, (my young and talented artist), a dedicated / loving husband to a very supportive wife (we make a very good team). And I continued to teach art and art class to children.

For those of you who have read my new blog to the end, the introduction and rambling of an old man, I thank you. I am looking forward to maintaining this new blog, as a journal of thoughts and ideas for images, updates of things going on in the life of this artist.

Please check out my website: http://www.williampalmart.com

You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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